Ingredients, additives

Ingredients& food additives


       The heading ‘’INGREDIENTS, additives’’  operates from 2002.

       YOU CAN advertise ingredients for:

-         Meat

-         Fish

-         Poultry

-         Sausages

-         Semi – finished products

          Also complex mixtures, pickles (marinade), splint (chips)  for smoking, etc.

          Our customers are  producers  and traders of ingredients& food additives from all over the world: Christian Hansen, Chem Food, Instant, Nesse, Oregana, RusEuroSpice, Forwood, Oregana, Omega, etc. 

       The ‘’MEATMAKER’’ Journal is  the participant   of such  exhibitions as  "INGREDIENTS", "AGROPRODMASH", "WORLD FOOD", etc.                                       


        Meatmaker 2014 (1).                                               Meatmaker #1 (2011)