Equipment (processing, slaughter, refrigeration and etc.)

Food Processing Equipment

‘’Equipment for the food industry’’- one of the oldest headings of the ‘’ Meatmaker’’.

-This heading operates from 2001 and includes all ‘’ meat’’ and ‘’fish’’range;

-meat processing

- poultry processing

-fish processing

-packing equipment

 Our costumers  are domestic and  transnational manufacturers and dealers  of the food and processing  equipment as:  SHALLER, ARNEA,INTERMIK,SIBTEKS, ANTES,  KT Service, MATIMEX ,ESPOMARKET, TECHNOCLIP, ProfHolodSystems, etc.

 The ‘’MEATMAKER’’ Journal is  the participant   of such  exhibitions as   ‘’AGROPRODMASH’’,      “PRODEXPO”, “WORLD FOOD”, “IFFA”,        “Milk&meat industry”.